The Ukulele Ladies are a toe-tapping, thigh-slapping, stocking-snagging, head-banging musical comedy duo.

The lovely Dusty Footpaths and Rhododendron Sur la Tibetan Montagne are decked out in gorgeous flaming red outfits and play the entire gamut of musical genres, from Classical to Disco and Hard, Soft, Progressive and Decorative Rock, accompanied by the best ukuleles money can buy (thanks to Rhododendron’s third divorce settlement.)

They enchant and delight audiences of all ages with humour and musical pizzazz.

Catch the Ladies at their next stage gig .....
We are currently working on a PhD and visiting elderly folks. Our next gig is a Wedding - that we performed at 15 years ago, but now its a real wedding!

Playing soon at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Playing soon  at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival
The Ukulele Ladies-